Mission Statement

Music Café O Feedback, with its furnishings rescued from retired cafés,and typical Portuguese tiles feels like Portugal. The long bar with mirrors, and posters of known musicians evoke a wonderful sense of déjà vu as you enter to the sounds of animated conversations.

O Feedback is located on the Road Silves-Algoz (N269)opposite of train station Alcantarilha. In the good old days an old farm with a grocery and a taberna and now with help from friends and musicians transformed in a music cafe O Feedback has remained an unpretentious neighborhood meeting place nestled across the train station. Whether you are looking for a quick lunch, or seeking a discreet rendezvous,O Feedback is an ideal destination. Enjoy the lively atmosphere, Jazz - Blues-Rock and Roll - Fado - Disco Show - Karaoke, and hearty inexpensive food seated in a cozy lounge corner, eatery, or outdoors in our rustic patio seating area. In the evening enjoy live entertainment with the house cocktails that are not to be missed. So slowdown, sip a refreshing drink or quaff a robust house wine and escape the crisis or stress of the day in a relaxed way.




Wednesday to Saturday 4 pm until close
Sunday 1 pm until close


Wednesday to Saturday 5pm until 9pm
Sunday Roast * 1pm until 6pm
* Please book in advance using the contact info below before Sunday!


O Feedback

Estrada N269 ,
Alcantarihla Gare,

GPS N37 10.175' W008' 20.852'

Johan 965800128
Sofia 964078191



If you like to spend your time in O Feedback without worrying about drinking and driving call Antonio. Call our taxi direct on tlm: 965 881 971

O Feedback where friends meet for music, drinks, great food and more.



Our soundsystem consists of a Behringer 24 channel mixer with 500 watts celestions speakers.We have ample shure sm 58 mics. Korg keyboard,Peavy bass amp,Marshall and custom guitar amps.

Stage measures 5 mtrs x 2.40 mtrs.

We also offer the possibility to record your material by a known producer/soundengineer.



Menu suggestions

-Sunday's - BBQ & Jam Session

-Fillet Steak

-Rib Eye Steak

-Moroccan Lamb Shank

-(All Steaks and Grills must be pre ordered at least 24hrs before)

Also on the Menu

Chicken/Pork Saté

Ribs, Chips and Salad

Steak Ale Pie

Gourmet Burguers

Salmon Fillet

Chilli con Carne

Chicken Curry

Tuna, Chicken,Salmon Salads

Crepe & Ice Cream

Banoffie Pie